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Registration guideline

  All participants are kindly requested to register individually by On-line Registration System. Advanced Registration is requested for participants who want to present the paper at the session. Please register and make relevant pament before the deadline.

  The registration fee is US$500 (RMB2900 for Chinese), including one copy of the proceedings of the seminar, banquet, meals, coffee breaks. The fee for student is US$300 (RMB2000 for Chinese) including the proceedings of the seminar, meals, coffee breaks, and for companion is US$300 (RMB2000 for Chinese) including banquet, meals and shopping guide. Special functions require additional fees. The registration fee will be reduced to US$400 (RMB2600 for Chinese) and US$250(RMB1800 for Chinese) respectively, if payed before July 10.


To pay in advance (Chinese): Bank remittance

  开户行:招商银行北京分行双榆树支行  开户名:北京理工大学结算部  帐 号:861580022610001

  ( 请务必在汇款附言或摘要中注明“F35+稿号”。)