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Call for papers

2016 ISAMR invites extended abstracts in the fields related to materials science and engineering. The extended abstracts will include but not limited to:

Nano photonic materials

quantum dot, semiconductor nanocrystal, semiconductor nanowire, metal nanocrystal, perovskite nanostructure materials

Flexible electronics

organic  optoelectronic materials , nano optoelectronic materials, biological optoelectronic materials, energy photoelectron materials

Biomedical materials

bioceramics, biomedical metal materials, Polymeric biomaterials, biomedical composites, biological renewable materials, surface and interface of biological materials, nanobiomaterials

Advanced composite materials

Preparation, performance and design of polymer matrix composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites and its composite film or composite coating materials

Advanced fiber and functional textile materials

high performance fiber and composites, functional fiber and low dimension materials, environment-friendly and bio-fibers, composites of textile structure, biomedical textiles, high performance industrial textiles, the development of new fiber and textiles, advanced textile manufacturing technology, cement-based materials toughened fiber

New energy materials

solid oxide battery materials, superconducting materials, hydrogen storage material, magnetostrictive materials, conductive polymeric materials, piezoelectric material, rare earth permanent magnet, new-type ferrite, carbon nanotubes, graphene, energy chemical and energy materials, etc.

Environment-friendly materials

recyclable materials, materials for environmental purification and renovation, environment-friendly materials of civil engineering

New-type metal and alloys

porous metal, nanometallic materials, magnalium, titanium alloys, high temperature alloy, amorphous alloy, shape-memory alloy, etc.

u Others