Two years ago, 2016 International Seminar on Advanced Materials Research (2016 ISAMR) was successfully held at Kunming Wenhui Hotel in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, October, 14-16, 2016. 330 people attended the seminar and 135 speeches were made by scholars from more than ten countries. During the seminar, there are plenary session and eight parallel sessions including nano photonic materials, biomedical materials, advanced composite materials, advanced fiber and functional textile materials, new energy materials, environment-friendly materials and two special sessions honoring Academician Prof. Mai Yiu-Wing and Academician Prof. Huang Wei.


2018 International Seminar on Advanced Materials Research (2018 ISAMR) will be held in Shanghai Donghua University on August 2-5, 2018, China. The Seminar is not only a continuation, but also an extension of 2016 ISAMR. There have been twelve sessions, and they are Nano Photonic Materials, Organic Semiconductor Materials, Functional Biomaterials, Biomedical Materials, Advanced Composite Materials, Advanced Fiber and Functional Textile Materials, Energy Materials, High Energetic Materials, Environmental-friendly Materials, 3D Printing materials, Materials under Dynamic and Extreme Loading Conditions, High-entropy Alloy. This series seminars are scheduled to be held every two years in China with topics of stimulating discussions on the forefront research in material science and technology. We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai.


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